'Inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria'



For the treatment and prevention of fungal infections.

The patented Fungalix Forte is an effective spray against all kinds

of fungal infections. The spray makes the skin and nails clean,

nourished and contains caring ingredients.

An effective formula for over 15 years.

What is Fungalix Forte?

Fungalix Forte is a unique product with a patented formula. The product has been effectively used and tested for over 12 years and has shown that it is effective in killing both fungi and yeasts. 

The product is very easy to use and hygienic because of its spray form.

How does Fungalix Forte work?

Fungalix Forte treats the infection at the source, embedded in the nail's matrix. The new cells of the nail are created in the nail's matrix. Because Fungalix forte is active at the source it prohibits the fungus from infecting the new cells.

Fungalix Forte contains Sodium Benzoate which is commonly known as an added ingredient in the food industry.  Within the food industry it is mostly used as a preservative because of its fungi and yeast killing characteristics. The spray contains D-limonene to calm the skin and Provitamin B5 to enhance the elasticity in the nail for better growth.

Use of Fungalix Forte.

Fungalix Forte is absolutely easy and hygienic to use. 

The spray is easy to apply and dries rapidly. In case of fungal nails apply Fungalix Forte two times a day on the nails and the surrounding skin. In case of prevention for fungal nails or athlete's foot apply the spray once a day.

Use two sprays per foot or hand. In that case Fungalix Forte can be used for 100 sprays which is about 4 weeks.

No need to file the nails before use!


The first results can be seen after 6 to 12 weeks.

Advised is that you continue the treatment with Fungalix Forte during the complete growth period of the nail (6-8 months for finger nails and 10-12 months for toenails). Can be used while wearing artificial nails. Try to minimize the use of nail lacquer. 


Do not use in case of an allergy to any of the ingredients | Not to be used by children under the age of 3 | Do not spray in the eyes | Do not swallow | Discontinue in the event of irritation | Store at room temperature | Keep out of reach of children; product should be administered by an adult | Do not use after the best before date | Do not use in case of Paronychia (infections of the cuticle) | Seek medical advice before combining the product with other topical medication | If symptoms persist, seek medical advise


Fungal Nails.

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